Add your name and details here if you are prepared to talk about a website, tool, idea for a longer amount of time. This does not have to be twenty minutes, please specify a time frame.

Your name
Idea, Website, tool etc.
Henrietta Miller
The way we are using edmodo in the classroom, sharing how it works for us and the different ways Year 5 are currently using it.
Mitch Squires
Storyrobe - iPhone App for digital storytelling.
Cathy Edwards
Could do live binders and sqworl and/ or dropbox in 10 mins each (if everyone going doesn't already know about them) Yes please - Mitch
Andy Thomson
Whatever wanted: Edmodo, Gaggle (chatrooms, message boards), Keypals, variety of Blog goodies: smilebox, bitstrips (comics), testmoz, voicethread, mrthread, vocaroo, voki, scriblink, wallwisher or some advanced Notebook ideas. I hadn't realised I had tried so many different things! Let me know if any is of interest.- I like "advanced notebook ideas" - Viviana.
Chris Betcher
Google Body - An amazing new tool from Google. I wont' need all 20 minutes, but will probably need more than 2 minutes :)
Laura Chaffey
I could share how I used with Stage 2 kids researching convicts (only if people aren't familiar with it - prob 10 mins)
Roland Gesthuizen
Integrating drama and arts into a science and technology classroom. Last year we secured a place with the STAV drama awards and had fun using glove puppets to teach some basic concepts. I have done this before with my senior students to teach IT issues. Tell me if you are interested and I will bring my glove puppets from Melbourne and run a workshop.
Raul Caceres and Kelly Royds
We want to talk about how we have been using a collaborative video combined with private online groups for classrooms to connect children in Australia with children in some developing countries. We have established links between Australia and Vietnam and Laos and about to start with Timor-Leste. We would love to get more feedback from primary school teachers about how to make the online private groups more user friendly and how this program could benefit your classrooms. This program will be offered for free to schools in Australia.

It would also be good to talk about not just the tools, but some of the strategies and methodologies used by teachers for integrating technology.