This wiki was started by Henrietta Miller in April 2011 to support TeachMeets in Sydney. It has now been superseded.

Please visit the updated TeachMeet wiki and the new TeachMeet Australia website for more details about TeachMeets in your area.

What is TeachMeet Sydney?

  • TeachMeet Sydney will be meeting/un-conferences where teachers will share good practice, practical ideas and personal insights into teaching with technology.
  • All participants are asked to be ready to volunteer an idea, a tool or a website that they have delivered in their classroom.
  • Alternatively they can discuss a product that they believe enhances their classroom practice.
  • New scheme teachers are encouraged to attend and learn.
  • The idea behind TeachMeets is hearing stories about learning, from teachers.
  • This is a chance for teachers from all types of schools to network and to hear ideas from each other.
  • TeachMeet Sydney is open to all and does not charge an entry fee.
  • Slide rocket- What is a TeachMeet?

  • All primary teachers interested in learning and sharing are encouraged to attend.
  • Why not bring a colleague with you?
  • Please fill in your details on the participants page if you will be attending.
  • If you are prepared to present to the group, please add your details to the two minute or twenty minute presentation pages.

TeachMeets are being held all over Sydney for further detail and help on holding you own please check out this wiki:

Recommended Twitter Hashtag: #TMSydney