Place any worthwhile links that arise from the Sydney TeachMeet here:

Information Communication Technology Educators of New South Wales ... ICT Workshops run each term; accredited with the NSW Institute of Teachers; ideal for new scheme teachers.

Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE) ICT position paper for ACARA, April 2011.

Flat Classroom Project: A Day in the Week (Primary Focus) - Steve Madsen

  • A Day in the Week Project Aims: To join Elementary School classrooms globally with a view to exploring what life is like in each country through discussion, sharing and a week of multimedia and documentation.

Files for Adrian Bruce's Session (27 meg) -

Download these and have a look and a read and my chat will make a whole lot more sense :-)

Links for Debbie's mobile phone QR codes session

About QR codes:
QR code generator:
i-nigma: iphone barcode scanning app for mobile phones
There are loads of other barcode readers that could be used.

Link to Google's Body Browser project -

(You need a fully HTML compliant browser (like Chrome or Firefox 4) and a decent OenGL graphics chipset to make this work. It won't work on older non-compliant browsers)

The Blogger's Cafe is a global blog (administered from Year 5 @ Roseville College) for student bloggers. Regular challenges are posted that require student response. New participants are always welcome and will be added to the cafe blogroll. This spreadsheet is where you can add ideas for future challenges/posts. If you would like to join the Cafe please please do so via the blog page 'How to join' or contact me via twitter @pruthomas or email

Edmodo - it will save time if you have already signed up to be a member of edmodo. The edmodo help pages can answer most of your questions and queries

Sydney Massage - a great place to have a massage in Sydney

Clare Greenup talking about data presentation an exploration of human emotion in 6 movements visualization of data

Notebook file with links to examples of how I've used and linoit in the classroom. Laura Chaffey

This is the link to the INSPIRE INNOVATE conference resources. There are a LOT of tutorials and lesson ideas available here.

Web 2.0 tools to make teaching easier Cathy Edwards Website where children create their own videos to connect with children in a few developing countries

Site will go live in July 2011